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Alexander The Great Personality. Alexander opposed them for personal reasons: he could not procrastinate at home waiting for children to be born when the invasion of Asia had been endorsed by the League of Corinth! He was worshipped like a god by his people because he brought home several victories. Alexander died in , and over the course of time the mythical king and his exploits sprang into being. It is important to stress the distinction since he was technically a descendant of Zeus through Heracles. Billows, Kings and Colonists Leiden

How ‘Great’ Was Alexander? - (The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies - CAIS)©

We have also the various sieges which Alexander undertook and which were often lengthy, costly, and questionable. See Bosworth, Conquest and Empire , , citing sources and modern bibliography. However, there was no guarantee that the destruction of Tyre would result in the Phoencian fleet surrendering to him as he only seems to have expected it would Arr. Alexander The Great Personality.

This was outright rebellion against the king and commander; refusal to obey the orders of a superior in this manner is mutiny. His deeds and the geographical extent of his conquests were certainly known for we have references to them in contemporary Attic oratory. Regardless of whether his father Philip II was worshipped as a god on his death,[ [26] ] Alexander seems not to have been content with merely following in his footsteps but to believe in his own divine status while alive. Alexander himself was not above embellishing his own life and achievements. Today, Alexander is revered for several things by different world leaders, and is also a beacon for several causes worldwide.
It was truly like that. The same goes for Philotas. In at Bazeira Alexander was engaged in a lion hunt in a local forest with several others, including Lysimachus Curt. Stoneman London While Alexander did use Persians and Orientals in his administration it was always Macedonians and Greeks who controlled the army and the treasury. Contact Us. Another factor too is that his people back home did not know Alexander as a man and a king: he had only been home as king for about two years before he left his country, and he showed no signs of coming back until his men forced the issue with a mutiny see below.
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