How to vShare download and install for iPhone, iPad on iOS 11.2, iOS 11.1, iOS 11, No jailbreak

vShare app store is alternative app for the Google play store there is available any type apps, Games, ringtones, wallpapers, themes….. Apple already released iOS 11.1 beta 4 version here we  are ready to publish to one method vShare download and install to iPhones, iPads on iOS 11.1, iOS 11 and previous versions. If we can jailbreak and cydia download didn’t need any method vShare download for any iOS version and device.



When we use vshare install this method no need jailbreak your iOS device it can do with and without jailbreak and also no need Apple ID and Apple password, you can follow below complete guide with video tutorial

How to vShare download and install any iPhones, iPads on iOS 11.2, iOS 11and previous versions

Step 1.

Open Safari browser and search on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2.

Waiting for load webpage and search  BackMachine aria.

Step 3.

Date and time set as 2016 Mar 24, 03.19.21.

Step 4.

Wait few time to load webpage Click on the un jailbreak button(if your device jailbreak please select jailbreak buton).

Step 5.

Click on allow button between allow and Ignore.

Step 6.

Click Install button.

Step 7.

Enter Passcode.your iDevices

Step 8.

Click install and  finally click done .

Step 9.

Now you can see vShare Pro on your Home screen.


follow video guide vShare install for iOS device on iOS 11, 11.1, 11.2

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