Cross dressing girdle pantyhose bra story

The shiny paneled fabrics, the tight straps and garters, the hooks and laces, all those lacy slippery shiny fabrics. I carried a purse that matched the dress and shoes and even tried on a hat that matched the outfit! Once you've got enough of them you're "cured" for at least a while. Until then, I would have to be satisfied with only nylon stockings whenever I got the chance. Such a shame. That's just the way it is.

Summer Afternoon

I heard the sound of tinkling jewelry and could always smell the perfume floating in the air whenever they were around. The thrill and excitement were still there but it wasn't the same now, not at my age. And in reading your "other side" articles I too was interested in seeing women in lingerie and would often peruse the Sears, Montgomery Wards and Pennies catalogs for hours relishing each page of the lingerie section. I then rubbed my thighs and calves together and crossed my legs emulating the way I'd seen ladies do it thousands of times before. It seemed to fulfill something I longed for or something I needed for reasons I still don't understand.

Still far from puberty there was no sexual connotation or urges, but the sensation went right to the core of my mind. And the smoothness! I think the first thing I noticed in looking at the many women I grew up around was that zipping sound, that "shick-shick-shick" whisper of their legs as they moved and wiggled about their high heeled shoes clicking with each step. The fabric pulled against my now hairy legs and as those stockings remained the same size I had gotten taller until the stockings barely came to knee high. They do not however regard the level of dressing i.
Once toweled and dry after my bath, and with longer nylons and now totally hairless legs I once again tried my exploration with ladies nylon stockings. With my father working long hours and working nights I rarely saw him either with the exception of weekends. Without a hair to be found on my legs and their more mature shape I had "lady legs! That "shick-shick-shick" metronome sound was dizzying, mesmerizing as I moved along. It's done by ridicule and ostracising. After filing that thought away I was free to try my new total but albeit very temporary look. In hearing that whispering swish when they walked and then hearing that loud frictionless "zip" when a woman would sit and cross her legs as she smoothed her skirts I noticed the incredible shine of those flat-knit hose, and the delicate muted colors that shaded their legs.
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